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We create: ideas, strategies and campaigns for online marketing communication and advertising, producing work which solves business challenges, engages and converts audiences.

We understand: the value of the online experience, how to draw out the elements that provoke thought and feeling, and inspire action. Our work is executed to enhance search engine impressions, promote social network sharing, gain traffic, increase conversion and sales, provide detailed metrics, as well as enhance and help build your brand and reputation online.

Video Production in Cornwall - Motion Graphics - social networking

Light Circus is a highly experienced and creative video production team specialising in full-spectrum content for social media and websites.

What you do deserves an audience...

Our passion is in discovering the story that lies at the heart of each idea and endeavour we become involved with, then crafted pieces which engage an audience in an authentic human story which informs and inspires. We love the power and scope that online video and multimedia has to spark interest, convey ideas, tell stories and positively influence a response.


Recent work...

The Park at Mawgan Porth | promotional video

Somewhere Special from Light Circus on Vimeo.


Sail Lofts Ocean Spa | promotional video

Sail Lofts Ocean Spa St Ives from Light Circus on Vimeo.


Bringing your story to life
People love to involve themselves in a good story, so it's vital that every business understands it's own story and tells it in a way which customers engage with and enjoy.

The real story of a brand, product or service has to be the people behind it; their ideas, motives, aspirations and passion. That's what brings it all to life.


a woman engaged in an online video story

Conveyed in the right way, it's the personality of the brand that an audience engages with and responds to. The magic of a good story is that people feel compelled to share the story with others....

So what do you believe in, what's the passion that motivates you, what ideas are you shaping?

Tell us and we'll tell the world...

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